Thursday, July 22

Home Again

It's 7 am on a Saturday morning.  The other Ashleys still sleep and so, I write.  The girls are back from Bah-jinya, where they've spent the last two weeks running Nana and Grandad into the ground while Adam and I escaped to our new very favorite place -VERMONT.  Oh, wow.  I pine for thee, Vermont.

So, we decided it was time for a get-away since our first and last one was taken when I was 7 months along with Ellie.  (Early March isn't exactly ideal beach-going time in New Jersey either.)  I suppose Adam might consider our "honeymoon" to be the first (and only other) time spent devoted to enjoying each other's company, except that, oh yeah - he started work in Manhattan 36 hours after we were married and within those hours we squeezed in a move to the East Coast.  That meant I got to meander around NYC until 6 pm every day for a week...alone.  So, 6+ years later, it was high time for a true escape.

And boy, did we find it.  Have I mentioned yet how much I loved VT?  Green, luscious mountains.  Lakes and streams.  Perfect for camping, which we attempted for a couple of days.  Wonderful back roads with centuries-old farmhouses and quaint little villages.  Perfect for Inns and B&Bs, which we also tried for a couple of days - 200 yards over the border into New Hampshire, to be exact.

As would be expected, the food was definitely a highlight - raw cow's milk at the road side stand, fresh ice cream, fresh artisan cheeses and breads, and wonderful meals at Ye Old Tavern (serving food since 1792!) and our own Chesterfield Inn.  Other high points were peddle boating around Emerald Lake, walking the marble sidewalks of Dorset, meandering through centuries-old cemeteries (including the one where Robert Frost and many Revolutionary War soldiers are buried), crossing one-lane covered bridges,  wandering eclectic towns like Brattleboro, VT and Keene, NH, visiting a working potter's mill, and just soaking in the beauty of New England.  (Oh, and getting stuck in small-town 4th of July parade traffic...and hunting down every Dunkin' Donuts in southern VT so Adam could have WiFi...and chasing raccoons from our campsite.)

So, many many thanks to Nana and Granddad, who braved raucous days and nights deprived of decent slumber while Abby and Ellie visited.  Apparently while in VA, Abby decided she's in to older boys and took particular interest in 12-yr-old Sam who came to visit.  Upon seeing him, she disappeared to put make-up on, reappeared - asking Nana to put bows in her hair, and then wrote on a paper airplane MAS lov ABBY.  Great.  Ellie asked another visitor who held her 3-month-old baby boy, "Why did you have that?"  "Why did I have a baby?  Well, because we wanted a baby boy."  "But why did you have it?" Never a dull moment - even in VA.

[A couple weeks have now passed since I started this entry.  And that's as much as needs to be said for how life's been since the girls returned.  Oh, the madness.  I'll play catch-up, once again, in the next entry... Ah, Vermont.  How I pine for thee.]


Abby stopped playing and ran to the bathroom.  She got situated and shouted, "Fire in the hole!"  

Abby woke up and asked if I'd like to learn how to make a paper airplane, per her instruction.  After attempting to fly my creation (which flopped to the ground) Abby said:  "No, Mom.  You're supposed to make a cool paper airplane."

Abby: "I'm not going to be a mommy when I grow up.  I'm going to be an animal doctor."  Me:  "You can be a mommy and an animal doctor."  A:  "No.  I'll just be an animal doctor.  I'll take care of crocodiles, pigs and chickens."

While we three girls walked the aisles of Target, a little toot eeked from Abby's bum.  Abby turned to Ellie: "Sorry boss."

Ellie was complaining that her belly hurt.  Me: "I don't think you should have chicken and noodles, then.  How about some toast?"  E:  "But my belly loves to be sick with noodles."  Abby:  "I think I'm going to vomit tomorrow."

Me: "Ellie, have you been spraying the cleaner??" Abby: "Yes!  She has.  Heavenly Father told me."