Friday, November 11

Gobble Gobble

October has come and gone and I'm still somewhere back in September.  Or maybe even July.  I watch the leaves falling and frosts come and go and it just all seems so premature.  And then I see giant candy cane decorations in the grocery store window and Christmas paraphernalia scattered throughout the store displays and it all seems downright wrong.

I guess the seasons changed while we've had visitor after visitor - so much fun that I didn't realize time passing.  Over the last 6-ish weeks we've loved having Grammy visit, had a great time with Emily, Jonas and Carmen, soaked in every minute with Aunt Natalie and Cousin Avery, and enjoyed Nana's quick visit too.  We almost aren't sure what to do with ourselves anymore!

Thankfully our guests helped to keep the girls out of too much trouble, although the gaps between departures and arrivals were just enough time to test the limits.  For instance, there was the afternoon I walked into the downstairs bathroom to find our own little wine vat going on in the sink.  Abby had decided to make grape juice with a bag of Concord grapes by squeezing them in the lemon press and discarding the remaining skins, membranes and seeds in the sink (which, of course were left there while she no doubt was off sipping her 1/4 cup of juice).  And then there was her parachuting off a chair over the stairs with a grocery bag...  Ellie thinks she's a cosmetologist, finding mine and others' make-up and expressing herself quite freely.  Her favorite face moisturizer is either mine or Adam's deodorant.  I often find her with triple-wide shimmery pink lips and not just once have found her with dark brown eyeshadow filling in her eyelids, cheeks, forehead, chin...  This morning, in fact, Abby notified me that Ellie was using some black eyeliner and in the rush of getting them both out the door, I failed to perform a face-check.  After Ellie came home from preschool, a friend of mine asked if Ellie had a black eye.  I suddenly remembered.  Oh well.  I also decided, between visitors, that Abby should learn how to ride a bike sans training wheels - and while Abby was working at it, Ellie might well as try too.  I'm not exactly sure whose handle bars left the several white scratches on either side of the car, but hey - Abby can ride a two-wheeler!  (Ellie's still working on it.)  Never a dull moment 'round here.

Annnnyway...I'm grateful that I have three beautiful, spirited children who fill my days with wonder and keep me moving enough that I can consider it exercise.  I'm grateful for a handsome husband who makes me laugh (mostly when not trying to) and who willfully attends therapy (with me) so that we can keep this circus going.  I'm grateful for my health (physical and what mental still exists); for a home that  - while it usually looks and sounds like a war zone - keeps our little family safe and sheltered from the bitter Buffalo cold; for family and friends and for the smiles they bring to my face; for hope, for faith, and for love - all of which give me reason to be grateful at all.


Abby, as I walked outside to check on the girls:  "Mom! Those boys that just walked by - one is on my bus and the others used to be but now they're not - THEY are out of their mind!"  Ellie:  "Yeah!  They are walking to the park withOUT their mom!"

Me, attempting to hurry along the morning's getting-ready process:  "Abby, are your shoes on yet?"  Abby:  "No. I'm trying to get my sock on but it's just not participating."

Ellie, after sneezing while lying on our bed:  "That was like raining on me when I did a bless-you!"

Ellie: "I'm going to marry Patrick."  Abby: "So am I."  Ellie: "No.  Two persons can't marry the same one."  Abby:  "Fine.  When you die, then I'll marry him."

Abby: "Mom, if you touched an electrical line would you get zapped?"  Me: "Yep."  Abby:  "Why?  Because the wires are full of zappiness?"

Abby:  "Why are you sewing me a jumper?  So I can jump more?"

Me: "Ellie, please go ask Daddy how I get a file off the external hard drive.  Do you remember what to ask?  Say 'File off'" Ellie: "File off" Me:  "The external hard drive."  Ellie: "The external hard drive."  Me:  "File off the external hard drive."  Ellie: "File off the external hard drive."  Me: "What are you going to ask?"  Ellie:  "Octurnal?"

Abby: "But I just accidentally tied Ellie's ankle with the rope."

Abby, after school: "Mom can we go have a yard sale?"  Me: "Um, what are you wanting to sell?"  Abby: "Things we don't need - like this that I found (a USB flash drive of Adam's) - and this flower (old silk flower hairbow., missing 2 of the 4 petals)."

Abby:  "It's not okay to say 'Oh my G-o-d'."  Ellie: "Yeah, because that's taking the Lord's name in Venice."

Ellie: "Nada means 'to run'."  Me: "Well, no, nada means 'nothing.'"  Ellie: "No - Diego says "nada" after he asks a question."  Me: "Oh, you mean 'denada'? Denada means 'you're welcome.' I bet he says denada."  Ellie: "Denada? Hmm.  Well do you know what 'sunnada' means?  It means 'sun'."

Ellie:  "Mom, if a child gets lost can I have them?  I really want to be a mom."

Ellie:  "For breakfast can I have snowflakes?"  (corn flakes)  

Ellie, after I told the girls about me being born:  "How did they cut Grammy's belly?"  Me: "With a razor."  Ellie: "With a laser bean?? Did it hurt?"  Me: "Nope."  Ellie:  "Not a bit? Not a bit a bit? Well when is Grammy going to have another baby?"

Ellie: "Do you know what kind of cucumbers I like?  Pickled."

Ellie: "Mom, why do people get red marks on their cheeks?"  Me: "I don't know, do you?"  Ellie: "Yeah - I think it means they're supple."  Me: "Supple?"  Ellie:  "Yeah - humans with red cheeks are supple."

Ellie, while I prepared dinner:  "Mom, do NOT go check on the computer for your recipe.  I have it here on my phone.  Let's see, do you need the crown or the flower or which princess?"  Me: "Ooh, I think the rose."  Ellie: "Oh yes.  The rose says to get some olive oil. And do you need some garlic?"

Ellie: "Mom, Patrick needs a consequence for pulling my hair!  But different than the quince you eat."

Ellie, shouting from upstairs after "going to bed":  "MOM! DAD! BUBBA!  I MADE MY BED!  AND I ORGANIZED MY ANIMALS I WANT TO SLEEP WITH!"  Me: "Awesome. Good night!"  Ellie: "CAN I COME GIVE YOU A HIGH FIVE??"

Ellie, holding a horse chestnut under her chin:  "This is a chestnut.  Because it goes on your chest."

Ellie: "I don't like marshmallows."  Me: "YOU don't like marshmallows?"  Ellie:  "Nope.  I'm starting to eat healthy stuff.  Like Jello.  Are donuts healthy?"

Me: "Ellie, please don't touch Patrick's face.  We don't want him getting your germs."  Ellie: "It's okay. I have hamitizer on...from yesterday at school.  And the day after yesterday was vote day.  You needed to vote!  So, what is your vote?"  Me: "I vote we have a fun day!"  Ellie: "No.  Not that kind of vote.  You have to go somewhere like the fire station."

Me, reaching to get the "sand" out of Ellie's eye in the morning:  "Here - let me get the stuff in your eye."  Ellie:  "No.  It's just sand from Crystal Beach."

Abby, upon seeing a photo of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband on the news: "That guy works at my school!"  Me: "Oh, really?"  Abby: "Yeah - he helps out in the cafeteria."

Me: "Girls, where would you like to go as a family for fun today?"  Abby: "Red Lobster!"  Me: "Mmm. No - think of somewhere where we can do something fun."  Abby: "But all I can think of are restaurants."

Ellie to Adam while bowling:  "Dad, you have 2 strikes.  That means you're not very good."  Later, Ellie: "Wow, Dad!  You're a good baller."  Ellie to me after I released the ball down the lane: "Mom, you're going to put a hole in the floor!"

Ellie, play-presenting a talk at my music stand:  "...and this is inspired and very special of similary snakes." 

Abby, after asking me to write the alphabet in cursive: "Now I'm going to get you a paper to write cursive music notes and cursive stars and butterflies and cursive pictures."  Me: "I don't think that's possible."  Abby: "Well, you have to try."

Ellie: "My toots burn.  They're burning hot just like fire."

Ellie: "Mom, Patrick is a good name, but I don't like the 'rick'."  Me: "Oh. You just like Pat?"  Ellie: "Well, I just like Bubba and Bruce for his name."

Abby, while watching me change Patrick:  "Well, if I have one (a baby) come out of me then maybe I'll have another so it can change the baby's diapers."

Ellie: "I know a planet that is SO hot that only vegetables can grow on it.  Do you know what it is?"  Me: "Earth?"  Ellie: "Nope.  A different planet."  Me: "Saturn?"  Abby:  "No! VENUS is the hottest planet."  Ellie:  "Okay, you two.  Get a grip."

Ellie: "Mom, what animal do noodles come from?"

Ellie: "Mom, I want to go to the dentist today."  Me: "Oh yeah? Why?"  Ellie: "I just want to.  Because I have a cavity in back of my teeth where you can't see it.  I just put my tongue there and felt a hole, so that's a cavity.  Can we go to the dentist, please?"

Ellie: "Mom, Patrick is crying.  I heard him on the thervomiter."

Abby, after finishing 3 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon and 2 pieces of toast: "Mom, can I have another egg?"  Me: "Are you growing, little girl?"  Abby: "No - I just like to eat and eat and eat!"

Wednesday, September 28


Sooooooo.  This may just be one of those posts that gets written for the mere fact that September ends in a couple of days and I really just don't want my archives to go from August to October.  That would just be a reaffirmation that my life is indeed being sucked into a blue-gray fuzzy hole, with not a whole lot defining the day-to-day-to-day.

Let's see.  There was the afternoon that I just couldn't keep my eyes open and left the girls downstairs to be tended by Babar or the Fairies of Tinkerbell Hollow or some such animated character on the tv while Patrick and I took a power nap.  For an hour and a half.  Luckily for us all, Nana decided to Skype and took over the remote babysitting.  Turns out my girls aren't much swayed by the power and authority of adults speaking to them.  And since Nana could only suggest they put back the Nestle Quick chocolate powder and not pour the milk on the computer desk (literally - having missed the cups pretty entirely), my sweet children proceeded to create a chocolate swamp.  Of course, when I came to and descended upon the scene, I found every hand towel and a few bath ones soaked in chocolate milk with brown sticky powder anywhere I looked within a 4-foot radius around the computer.  Granted, Abby did make sure to clean off my phone well enough that she was sure I wouldn't notice that it had been submerged in the mess initially.  Awesome.

What else?  There's Abby's latest obsession with making multi-room forts.  This, of course, entails her need to gather every blanket and pillow in the house along with whatever other extras she spots along the way.  One evening as I cooked dinner, I noticed Abby and Ellie going in and out of the back door carrying what I assumed were the makings of a fort.  Abby confirmed this, and I - grateful that they weren't running figure eights through the kitchen, screaming and bearing their 5 o'clock fangs and claws at each other - just let it slide.  I even called Adam to warn him he might find a fort with children running in and out when he pulled in from work, so to be extra alert.  Oh, it turned out to be more than a fort.  A fortress would be closer to what we discovered upon his return home.  Somehow I had missed the kitchen chair being hauled out to the driveway and the 6 boxes of diapers.  Had I known this fortress was being constructed in the driveway, I probably would have objected to the pillows and bedspreads too.  Yeah.  Even Grammy backed herself into a corner the other day after suggesting that the girls play house with her in the toy room (in attempts to get them to clean without them realizing they were cleaning).  Abby excitedly jumped on board and immediately started rounding up the makings of her "room."  3 days later, the treadmill is still draped with sheets and blankets with who knows what home furnishings hiding beneath.

Ellie's latest craze entails experimenting with all things scented.  For example, spraying her legs with Shout while sitting on the toilet.  Or, spraying nearly the entire bottle of detangler spray on her head one afternoon.  Or using my shampoo as hair "sparkles" and lotion.  Or spraying herself with enough magnolia perfume to fill the entire house, putting Adam's deodorant on and smearing Adam's shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror all while she was supposed to be brushing her teeth.  (Or tooting and laughing hysterically when she realizes we're all about to pass out.)

Aside from that, hot pink nail polish spilled on the new carpet (Abby), fluorescent hi-lighter scribbles on every white surface from the girls' room down out the back door (Ellie), and some of us tipping the scales (Patrick...16 lbs 12 oz, Me...?) have been just some of the other really exciting things that have happened 'round our house this month.  (All that + my new-found obsession: Pinterest...where I find great sayings like this:)
Just gotta work on the happy kids part.
(I just have to work on the happy kids part.)

Oh yeah.  And we did start school.  (How's that for fuzzy brain?)
Okay, October.  I'm ready.  Bring it on.


Ellie, holding a Book of Mormon: "Can this be my scriptures?"  Me: "No, sweety.  That is in Italian and you don't speak Italian."  Ellie:  "Yes I do. Listen - 'macherione peesees'. That's Italian."

Abby: "Mom, where did we find my butterfly picture on the computer?"  Me: "I don't remember, sweety."  Abby:  "I think you just need to do 'butterfly google.'"

Ellie, as I handed her an Arby's (bleh) roast beef sandwich (after she and Abby had been looking at Mcdonalds coupons): "No, Mom.  I wanted a "Double Double.""

Abby: "Mom, you have been a nice mom today so I think I am going to teach you my mango smoothie recipe."

Abby, reassuring Ellie that her coloring skills could improve: "Ellie, what I did on my first day of school was try and try and try to stay in the lines.  At first I scribbled, but then I tried to be like Micah in my class because he is so good at math too.  He is really smart - maybe because he's 7."

Abby's family prayer: "...I'm thankful for my loving family and for my aunts and uncles and cousins and for all the people in the world, even the bad ones and the ones I don't know who will be my new friends..."

Abby: "Today (Labor Day) is everyone's day off.  Dad gets to stay home from work.  Me and Ellie get to stay home from our first day of school.  Mom gets to...well, Mom gets to just do what she does all the time - stay home."  Ellie: "Yeah, because Mommy doesn't do anything."

Abby, while "helping" clean out the car and upon finding a shimmery plastic necklace: "Oh! This is mine!"  Me: "Where did it come from?" Abby: "Um, I'm not sure. I think Nana got it for me."  Me: "Oh really? And where did she get it?"  Abby: "I think she got it in China." 

Abby: "Mom, Ellie's in the front yard."  Me: "Tell her to come to the back yard or she'll have to go to her room."  Abby, shouting to Ellie outside: "Ellie! Come to the backyard right now or you will be in your room for the rest of your life!!"

Abby, upon seeing the Butterfly Conservatory we visited:  "Look!  It's the Butterfly Esermatory!"  Ellie: "Yay! The Butterfly Herbatory!"

Abby, "Mom, what if your eyeball falls out?  How do you put it back in?"

Abby: "Mom, when am I going to be a mom?"  Me: "When you get older."  Abby: "And then I'll get a mommy knife?"  Me: "A what?"  Abby:  "I mean and then I'll live in a different house?"

Ellie to Abby who fetched a cup up high in the cupboard: "Wow - you're a good reacher"  Abby: "Yeah, I took reaching gymnastics."`

Ellie, after sizing up Patrick with a measuring tape: "Bubba is 60 finches old!"

Abby, the day after having watched Fantastic Mr. Fox: "Mom, can we watch that Great Mr. Wolf movie again?"

Abby, before letting loose to "All the Singe Ladies":  "Mom, did I get my dancing from your side of the family?"

Ellie, in reference to our dinner of grilled pizza: "This is very good, Mom.  Four thumbs up!"  Abby: "Yeah, it's so good it made my allergies go away!"
Me: "Ellie, will you find the can of chicken (yes - I'm trying canned chicken) on the bottom shelf?"  Ellie: "Is it on the tippy bottom?" (opposite of tippy top)

Abby, while singing to Patrick: "Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently Down the Stream, Merrily Merrily Merrily, Life's a Pot of...(pause)...What's life a pot of, Mom?"

Ellie to Abby, while playing house:  "We're going to Japan, right?"  Abby: "No.  We're going to Vegas."

Abby: "Mom, the other night we were hiding in Dad's closet and we popped out and scared him to death!"  Ellie: "Yeah! We popped him to death!"

Ellie:  "Here's your diet Coke.  It's without cafe."  Me: "Oh, without caffeine?"  Ellie:  "Yeah. It's cafe free."

Abby: "Dad, it's okay. You can stay home from work for one day because I have enough money in my piggy bank to pay for our house."

Abby, as Adam walked in from work at 5:30:  "Yay!  Daddy's home!  Why are you home so early, Daddy?  Was it just a half-day at work?"

Thursday, August 25

Watermelon Lemonade

First of all, can I just say how refreshing a little crystal light blended with last night's leftover watermelon and honeydew and the juice of 3 limes is??  And THEN add to that some coconut lime sherbet!?!?! 

It's the little things, you know?

Like, the magical power of two shimmery plastic bead necklaces hanging on bedroom door knobs that kept my sweet daughters in their beds tonight.  (I have a great - and by great I mean pretty effective...when actually applied - parenting book if anyone is interested.)

So...August.  Not a whole lot to recount.  But there were definite highlights.
Such as:

Patrick's baby blessing.

We had a great time with family - Granny, Anita and Vicki came up from KY and Nana, Granddad and Uncle Dave from VA for the weekend.  Lots of loud laughter (the good kind) and a trip to Niagara Falls and the Anchor Bar.  Aunt Gina came from LeRoy Sunday morning to join us for the big day and Patrick behaved like a little angel.

August has been a big month for Abby.  On the 15th, just in time for her birthday, she got her cast off.  I blame nervousness, but her natural arguing "instincts"(?) kicked in and she and the doctor had somewhat of a showdown. She told him where and how deep to cut and when she felt the saw was just a little too deep.  He encouraged her to "just let (him) do (his) job." Lovely. Not so lovely by sight or smell was that arm when it emerged.  Thankfully that was resolved within a day or two and most within our house are grateful her pink weapon is no more.  (Well, on her arm, anyway.  Of course my little pack rat had to keep her trophy which, I believe, currently sits in the kitchen. Yeah...)

On the 18th, our little girl turned SIX YEARS OLD - going on 13.  Hard to believe our little blond fuzzy haired baby girl is already so big.  We had a family pizza party (with way too many fun presents from way too nice family members near and far) and then a friend party at Cheeburger Cheeburger - complete with birthday cake milkshakes photos. Way to go me.  

Other than that, we've just been getting used to and loving our new brother.  For some reason I get the feeling that the girls love him a little more intensely than he cares to be loved - not sure why.

Really?? Do we have to take more pictures?  

I'm feeling kind of cramped here...

She's really cute, but...

Seriously?? Does she think I'm Snow White?  Can't you send her to time out, Mom, for picking all the flowers you had left out front?


And so, he escapes through slumber.  Our big 9-week old boy is smiling, gabbing, sometimes sleeping 7 hours at night (twice), and still has us just smitten.


Abby, to the dental hygenist when asked her baby brother's name: "His name is Patrick.  I came up with it."

Abby, while watching Giada de Laurentis on the Food Network: "Mom, I think you shouldn't make this recipe - only thin people like her can make it, not thick ones like you."

Abby: "Mom, is Ecuador a real live place?"  Me: "Yep."  Abby: "Is Mow-mow Chi-wow-wow a real place?"

Abby, pointing to her missing front tooth hole: "I think I lost my sweet tooth."

Abby, referencing her Superfood Spinach Salad we were eating for dinner: "Look, Mom!  I'm eating my green leaves full of iron!"  Me: "Good job.  Now you'll have strong blood."  Abby: "Do these leaves have the power of Jesus in them?"  Me: "Um, yep."  Abby:  "And do all vegetables and fruits have the power of Jesus?"  Me: "Yep." Ellie: "Well, I don't like tomatoes."  Abby: "But Ellie, they have the power of God to make you healthy!"

Abby, while instructing Ellie how to make her special blueberry sauce: "Don't worry.  Mistakes are another one of my secret ingredients.  It's okay if you make them, as long as they go away."

Abby, inquiring as to how I liked my ice cream: "What do you think, Mom?" Me: "Very good." Abby: "I made it with love, too - and now you get to have your own jam on top!  That's your secret ingredient!"

Ellie: "I have twenty bucks."  Me: "...Oh? Where did you get 20 "bucks"?" Ellie: "I'm not telling."  Abby: "She doesn't have any money. She's lying!"  Ellie: "No I amn't. I really have 20 bucks"

Me: "Abby, I really don't appreciate you standing on your head on the furniture.  Please stop."  Abby: "I can't.  I'm practicing my talent to show my kids when I'm a mom."

Ellie: "Mom, can we buy a trip-uh-let bike that has four seats and a wagon behind so we all can ride it? Please?"

Abby, as we walked to the car after seeing "Elvis" (decked out in his white sequined suit and dark shades) at the mid-day concerts at Adam's work:  "Wasn't that guy fantastic?? I wish I had a dad like that."

Abby: "How long are we going to live?"  Me: "Some of us live a long time, some of us live a medium amount of time, some of us a short time.  Whenever Heavenly Father is ready for us to come back to Heaven, He'll bring us back."  Abby: "Why?  So we can teach Him math?"

Me, after having bad luck with the lemonade at the soda fountain: "Abby, does the Sprite taste okay?"  Abby, while sipping her drink:  "Mmm.  Yes.  Very...Spritey."

Abby, as we drove into Rochester: "Mom, what state are we in?"  Me: "We're in New York."  Abby: "Oh.  Are we in Brooklyn?"

Ellie, playing house: "Would you like some hazelnut soup?"

Abby: "WHO ate my birthday cake??"  Ellie:  "Ellie did not."  Abby: "Who did, then?"  Me: "I think it was Daddy." Ellie: "Yeah.  Daddy always likes to eat all of our things."  Abby: "Expecially our food."

Ellie: "Does this look fermiliar?"  Abby: "Hmm. It used to."

Ellie, while we drove past rows of corn stalks on our way to pick blueberries: "Look!  A meadow!"  Abby: "No, a meadow has flowers and grass.  A field has only grass.  That's a field."

Abby: "Why do I always have to help do everything - like carry in the groceries and clean?"  Me: "Because you are part of a family and we all help each other.  Plus, if you don't learn how to do these things now - carry in groceries, do the dishes - when you're a mom, you won't know how and your house will be messy -" Abby: "Like yours?"

Abby: "Is hair made of ponytails?"

Abby, after I explained why we mix dry and wet ingredients separately first: "Oh! So it's like the dry cousins are waiting for their wet cousins so they can mix together and make a delicious smell?"

Ellie: "What does phenomenom mean?"  Me: "A PhenomenoN?" Ellie: "No, a phenomeNOM. What's a phenomeNOM?"  Me: "Well, it's something big and exciting and special that happens."  Ellie:  "Oh. Like going to Kate's house?"  Me: "Something like that." .... Ellie: "I know a phenomenom that's happening!  I'm going to Utah!"

Sunday, July 31

Time's A-Flyin'

The hours pass like days and the days pass like hours.  Turns out life with a new baby fits this little saying to a T.  You'd think I'd remember, you know, having done this all twice before.  Either I was more out of it than usual during those first few weeks of having both Abby and Ellie and simply cannot recall the blur, or one's mind really is wiped clean with each child born into the world so that the species can and will continue.  Or both.  In any case, 8 hours a day spent feeding and 8 more hours dealing with what happens while the feeding is going on tends to leave little time for much else - including blogging.  Which means, it's time to catch up on 5 weeks of...?  Let's see what I can recall:

We said good-bye to Nana, who kept us all cleaned and fed and loved while Patrick entered the world; Abby finished Kindergarten and immediately assumed the title of "First-grader"; we took our first walk to the park; Cousin Mollie was born - 9 days after Patrick, but 3 weeks early!; after losing 1/2 lb his first week, Patrick gained back 3 1/2 lbs during the following 2 weeks and began his journey as our Chubba Bubba; we celebrated the 4th of July, complete with Abby breaking both bones in her lower right arm after slipping on a blow-up water slide;  we got new carpet in the toy room and on the stairs (hooray!);  Nana came back up to our house to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant with us and take everyone but Daddy back to VA with her;  Mommy had a great week of relaxation in VA and took Patrick on his first plane ride back to Buffalo;  the girls had a super fun time giving Nana and Granddad a run for their money during their second week in VA - a camping trip to Jellystone Park the definite highlight;  we were reunited (thanks to Nana's brave flight back with the girls) once again AND...last, but certainly not least, Patrick started to smile!!!  (Good thing I take pictures to remind me, eh?)

4th of July spent in downtown Buffalo - and at 3 different medical facilities!

Ellie's idea of "playing" at the park in VA, Abby's idea of camping (flowers encircling the fire pit, wearing a dress - and of course playing with fire), and face/arm painting at Jellystone.  Too much fun!!!

And finally, a look at our big boy getting bigger from weeks 2-6:


Abby, watching me scroll through photos on my phone: "Even if you see a picture that you took that you think looks junky, you can't displete it.  Except if someone's head is cut in half - then you can displete."

Abby: "When are we going to move to a new house?"  Me: "What new house would we move to?"  Abby: "We could move to a house in Bah-jinia."  Me: "What would Daddy do about work?"  Abby: "Well, he could just drive up here."

Me, after picking up the girls at the airport with Nana: "Were you girls well behaved?" Abby: "Yep."  Me: "And, if I ask Nana if you were well behaved?"  Abby, voice level dropping: "Well, kind of. (quietly)...No."

Abby, while we drove home: "Mom, can we go to the park?"  Me: "No. Not right now.  I need to go home and organize my life."  Abby: "What does 'organize your life' mean?"

Ellie: "Oh yeah - Abby's karate skills are comin' back!  Are you ready for the ninja?"  (Abby does karate move, resulting in a crash landing.) Ellie:  "Nope. Not ready for the ninja."

Me, in response to one of Patrick's explosions: "Uh-oh."  Abby: "You can say that again."

Abby:  "I have two talents. One is, that I can hear a story and picture it in my mind!  The other one is that I can go upside down and still picture the story in my mind."

Ellie, observing me coo over Patrick: "Why do you love him more-ther?"

Ellie, watching me transfer pumped milk into freezer storage bags: "What are you doing with that milk?"  Me: "Putting it in the freezer to save."  Ellie: "Oh! You're storing it for winter?"

Ellie, listening to me answer the phone when Grammy called: "No - you're supposed to say "Mom" and she's supposed to say "Honey.""

Abby: "Dad, you and me need to have a talk."  Adam, caught by surprise: "Ohh. What about?"  Abby: "We need to have a talk about saving my money.  Mommy said...we need to talk about things we need and things we want."  Adam:  "Okay...What is something you need?"  Abby: "An alarm clock."  Adam: "And why do you need an alarm clock?"  Abby:  "To tell me when to wake up for school.  They sell them at Toys R Us in the section by the dolls and I need to buy one."

Abby: "When I grow up I want to be a ninja."  Me: "Really?  Why a ninja?"  Abby:  "So I can walk upside-down and on the walls."  Me: "I thought you wanted to be a missionary?"  Abby: "I want to be both."

Abby, utterly overcome with excitement: "Mom! Ellie has a freckle on her hand JUST LIKE ME!!! That's what she's been waiting for all these years - to be like me - and now she has one!"  Ellie: "Look Mom!  A freckle like Abby's!" Abby: "Now we are twins in our hearts."

Wednesday, June 22

Pitty Pat

Well, he finally made it!  Waiting for this little guy did take some patience, but ohhh was he worth the wait.  If you think about it, though, were you up cloud-jumping through the heavens and being informed of your prospects for making it to earth ("Look, the Ashleys REALLY want a baby and I know their life seems a tad chaotic and downright scary at times, but they're kinda great people under it all and really will love you...) it might take the better part of a year to consent to coming to our home too.  Thankfully, his adventurous spirit got the better of him and he eventually gave in.

I should have realized he wasn't going to be in any hurry to actually join us, though.  Having developed his little ears while being assaulted by the shrieks and squeals of his older sisters (and occasionally his mom) through 9+ months, I understand why he just held on as long as he could inside his nice and cozy, muffled waterbed.  In fact, he probably rejoiced at hearing the nurse tell me 3 hours into what was supposed to have been my induction, that it had been cancelled (too many other mommies-to-be in actual labor and no spare beds) and we'd need to come back two days later.  He was in no rush.  But I was.  I just wanted to see this little guy.  And kiss him.  And nuzzle him and feel his teeny tiny body stretch and flop and curl into a ball of wonder in my arms.

So, I guess when the time came (after a fairly "easy" 9-hr labor), he realized I meant business and was determined to win the wait-out.  Before the Dr. made it back into the room and after a few short pushes, Patrick David made his earthly debut.  June 14, 8:32 pm - 8 lbs 5 oz, 20 3/4 inches, with "just enough" dark hair and eyebrows, screaming his little heart out and cute as a button.

He's made it marvelously through his first week.  A sleeper, eater and pooper who indeed stretches and flops (he's rolled over twice while protesting diaper changes wildly with legs swinging) and curls into the sweetest ball of wonder these arms have held since my last butterball of wonder 4 years ago.  He's precious.  He's my guy.  I'm totally and utterly smitten.  (As are his daddy and two mommy sisters.) He was so very totally worth the wait.  And so, I give you... a glimpse at little Patrick's first week of life:

- A little note of encouragement Abby left in my hospital bag. 

The beginning of the end... -

- Patrick's first glimpse of his Momma                      Could a dad look more excited to hold his first son? -

- Sisters meet Brother

Taking in his new world -

- Settling down for his first night
We did it! - 

- Go Irish!(?) (Future QB? Size comparison? Oh, Daddy)                       Ellie's twin -

- Big sis #1

Big sis #2 - 

- A tad apprehensive about going home.  Not sure why.                   And we're off! -

- Snuggly in his Woombie                                                   Dreaming -

- Cutest frog ever                        

                                                                Out like a trout -

- Brother/Sister bonding time                                                               Snuggle Bug -


Me, wondering why Patrick showed no intention of coming: "Maybe baby brother is just too buoyant inside my belly."  Ellie: "Buoyancy means to keep it afloat."

Abby, while once again making her "healthy pink drink recipe" that she made for our dinner last week: "Where is the thing that takes off the apple skins?  Last time I just had to use my teeth."

Ellie, approaching me very seriously with a clipboard and paper: "Schedule # 12: babies can't eat, babies can't drink and babies can't change their own diapers."

Abby: "Mom, when am I going to have a baby?"  Me: "In lots of years when you grow up and meet someone and fall in love."  Abby: "But I don't know how to fall in love."  Me: "Oh, you'll learn when you're older."  Abby: "Well, I am in love with Nathan Morse."  Me: "Oh, really?  How do you know you're in love with him?"  Abby: "Well, he's just a really good kid and my friend and I love him."  Later...: "So, when I marry Nathan, what will my last name be?"  Me: "If you marry Nathan then you'll be Abigail Morse."  Abby: "Abigail Morse. (Shy smile and little laugh.) I like it."