Sunday, January 6

Winter Wonderland

Heavenly bliss.  That's how I feel about snow.  Utah snow.  Snow that falls in either giant fluffy puffs or delicate, glittery single flakes. Snow that is then followed - usually within 3 days, and sometimes immediately - by glorious sunshine.  Snow that you want to be in.

So, we decided to take full advantage of all that wintery western goodness and played during our trip.  Hard.  Sledding, snow shoeing, and ice skating (which we drove to do...through the snow).  We had hoped to ski, but didn't want to have too perfect a trip.  It was hard enough convincing the girls - and myself - to get back on that plane to leave Utah snow for...Buffalo snow.  (I did return with a renewed desire to make the most of our Buffalo ice crystals that lay in not-usually-inviting sheets of whitish-gray in the backyard...we shall see.)  Also, for the record - a shout out to a most enjoyable snow sport that does not get its fair share of recognition: snowshoeing!! After almost 34 years - 32 of which were lived in places where I could have experienced the sport but didn't - I finally tried it.  I found myself wondering the entire time why on earth I had waited this long.  Anyway, Here's a glimpse of our wintry fun:


Abby: "Mom hasn't washed her feet in days and days and that's why they're pitch dark."  Ellie: "Yeah - just pinch of black."

Abby: "Mom, at my birthday party, we're going to have a water balloon toss where we stand on the concreek, ok?"

Me, to Abby as we worked on painting our new "birthday plate": "Did you know that when I was growing up, my family had a red plate that we used on special occasions?"  Abby: "Wow.  Was red the traditional color of your family?"

Abby, as we walked out of the 7th store on our second day of searching for just the right craft items for her "arts and crafts" birthday party: "Mom, can I have my eighth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese?"

Ellie, singing to her stuffed animals: "Hush little baby, don't say a word.  Mommy's gonna buy you a rocking bird."

Abby, upon coming in to see Patrick sitting in the box I suggested was his new car: "Come on Ellie!  Let's be backseat drivers!"

Ellie, while rubbing two sticks together: "Dad, is this how you make fire?"  Adam: "Yeah, but you won't be able to because I can't even do it."  Ellie: "Yeah, only a strong man can do it."  Adam: "I'm strong!"  Ellie: "Well, a stronger man."

Ellie: "When can we get plane tickets to go to Utah?"  Me: "Well, we need to save our money so we can have enough to buy tickets."  Ellie: "Mom, why don't you just get cash back?"

Me, during our FHE lesson: "So, girls, why do you think it's important to be compassionate?"  Ellie:  "Because you need to be constertionate."

Ellie, singing (quite loudly): "I love money! You love money! Money money money, I wish it were mine! Money, money, oh how I love money! Money money money I wish you were mine!"

Abby, while organizing my spices: "All the McMormons are going on the top row, ok?"

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