Sunday, June 2

Our Christmas Miracle

(Found this li'l gem in the unpublished "drafts." I tried adding to it, but kept crashing the server any time I added another photo.  For this and other reasons, I have decided to leave the and would like to announce the construction of...a new blog.  New look, new thoughts, new photos even! Suggestions for a new title will also be considered (just leave them in the comments section).  Please enjoy this last blog entry that ironically couldn't have been tied to more chaos than the frenzy which started it all.  And check back some time soon for the link to my next collection of glimpses into the absolutely riveting life of the Ashley family!)

While getting to Utah was nothing short of a nightmare, we made it - a true Christmas miracle. Truly. Once there, what fun - what joy - what bliss.  And that was just when we ate!  It's too too fun to go back "home" and be with the whole fam damily.  Maybe subconsciously that's why I don't want to ever move back.  Then it wouldn't be such a fun, celebrated event?  Who knows.  All I know is that there was much laughter and merrymaking - NO caroling, per request of Abigail - but good times had all around.  Here are some of our memories:

- We enjoyed 4 star accommodations during our stay with Natalie and Nate (and Avery)

Darn cutest pregnant - girl ever.

       \  Patrick and Grandpa playing elf

- Uncle Michael was definitely a fan favorite, whether getting into "The Wheels On the Bus" with the nieces or doing his due dilligence as the taquito tester

Only because our smiles wouldn't have been so big, (okay - really we just couldn't wait for the Prime Rib which was deeelicious) we took our Christmas Eve photo post-dinner. 

Christmas morning!

And with much food, family and fun, Christmas ended with visions of fluffy purple clover blossoms dancing through Abby's head.


Abby, as we drove by a forested area: "Whoa! I just saw like 18 - I mean, a whole colony of reindeer!"  Ellie: "What's a colony?"  Abby: "It's a big group - and I saw a whole colony of reindeer!"  Ellie: "Oh - wow!  So, that means I have a colony in my class at school!  And our family is a colony!"

Ellie, in response to one of Adam's jokes: "Go out of town!"

Abby, guessing what "M" country Uncle Nick got called to on a mission: "Manhattan?"

Abby: "Mom, something's wrong with my throat and I can't really talk right and I need you to be easy on me when you talk..." Ellie, interjecting in the background: "Whatever."  Abby, continuing: "Because I have the hiccups and if you say something really funny I might, well, I might hiccup - so don't say something too funny, just a little bit funny - because if I hiccup, I might interrupt something important that someone is saying."

Ellie, after helping Patrick into the house: "Mom, the baby was productly happy after I helped him."

Abby: "Ellie, did you know that Obama-" Ellie: "-is going to win?" Abby: "well, he already won. And now that he's President again, he is going to make a law to go to school on Saturdays instead of Fridays." Me: "Oh, really?" Abby: "Yeah, my friends at school said that and he told them."

Abby: "I just got my words mixed up and forgot what I was saying - 'cause I was born in New Jersey and lived in so many different states."

Abby: "Mom, did any of your siblings EVER make eggs all by themselves without help from an adult???"

Abby: "Mom, I have a special talent that Heavenly Father gave only to me.  I can make myself go blind. I have two visions - two ways of sight.  I can see blurry with my eyes and clear.  When people talk meanly to me - like you, sometimes - I just look at them with blurry eyes."

Ellie, while the girls watched Barishnikov's The Nutcracker: "He's only wearing tights, Mom. That's so inappropriate."  Me: "That's what men wear when doing ballet.  If they're dancing it's not inappropriate.  That way you can see their legs bend and kick and do the dance steps." Abby: "So, just if they're dancing it's not inappropriate. If they walk around, not doing their part, that's inappropriate."  Me: "Well, they can't very well roll around the stage, now can they? Girls. Wearing tights to perform a ballet is not inappropriate."  Abby: "They could roll around if they wanted to. I'm just saying."

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  1. Love the post! Can't wait to read more!! Love the picture of Patrick in those glasses. He is the cutest little boy!!!